Welcome to CHALK HILLS BAKERY, an independent artisan bakery nestled in the beautiful Surrey Hills. 

We bake real bread every day in the old Tractor Shed at Priory Farm, South Nutfield.  Our bread is available in many local food outlets including Priory Farm Shop - see contact page for
more details.

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We call ourselves artisans because we make bread by hand using long fermenting, traditional methods. Organic flour and water are all we need to start making our bread.  Then adding a touch of salt and the best natural ingredients, our skilled bakers create great tasting bread, ranging from our natural sourdoughs and ryes to bloomers and ciabatta. 

You can't beat the thrill of having a good, honest loaf on the table.  Make it your daily treat!

bread@chalkhillsbakery.com  |  01737 669 116

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